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Tom Phonic

United States, New York, NY

Won $100 dollars as an infant in a church lottery. Luck figured it signed the check and never looked back. Put socks over my shoes in middle school to delight the weirdos looking for someone else to focus attention to. Traded my full marvel comic card set to a classmate's father for some pretty shitty comic books and felt ripped off. Blessed to have the best family in the world that made all of that nonsense feel like feathers. Father always playing newave music on his records. Mother got us a piano and tried to teach me to read music. I made a song from the finger positions learned from here instead for my dog, Scout. Father bought computers with interesting sound software. Started fuxing around with that. Um, DJ Keoki - Disco Death Race 2000, then my brother got me into Richard D James Album. Started recording weird noises on father Mac Quadra 800 in Sound Edit 16. Got a few PCs and mashed them together to work for music and ripped Sound Forge. Remember Minidiscs? Got the DR202 first drum machine from a very magical influence. Found punk rock as a comfortable setting and outlet to make music and fit a rebellious type possibly manufactured by advertisers even if from a really small place. Played some really fun rowdy shows in STL. Had a fucking dope ass mohawk. Always kept making electronic weird music. Paycheck to paycheck if that lucky. Not ashamed to pay with pennies. Drummer in my brother's band was the most successful band I've been in to date. You can feel that snowball effect. Its not subtle. Moved to NYC to see what was outside the STL vibe. First years are like wonderland and anything is allowed even without any money. Then after 3 or 4 years you need money because you want to do what you need to do. Made some friends with more talented people and played shows and parties that I am glad to have just attended. Made some events collaborated with those people and fought along side the underground music scene hardship of putting on a great show with no money and always still paying the artist. I know it was never enough. I still hate that part of the underground music scene. Its like do your drugs and play your music, we'll handle the money. You won't get any. Thanks for you work. Took up and rented a van to get a cross country trip to Seattle to live with my bro and work on our third hip hop album. 8 months of work for the draft and Naksty Grubbins was released. I moved back to NYC and got a studio inspired by working with him and wanting to keep working with emcees and vocalists. Got some mics, a studio, and fucked it all up. That is not the present for me but for you it is. Hit me up soon.


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Crew Affiliations: FFU, Warper Party, Supreme Bars, LIVEPA.ORG, Memory Format, EM411

Gear: MD SPS-1UW+, SFX60+, KP3, MS200R, Boss SP303, DR202, Korg ER-1, Korg EA-1, Volca Bass, Electribe EMX-1, Peavey Fury Bass, Tornado Acoustic with electric pickups and flat wound strings, Yahmaha HS80Ms, Mackie Onyx-1220i, Alesis QX49, shit ton of cords, a really small amount of money, Izotope vocal suite, Sound Toys Plugins, random free plugins, Ableton, Audition, Soundforge (gotta get that emulator going at times), not sure how many vocal cords, but just a few are being used, 4 walls, Zoom H4nPro, AT2050, NTG4+, Shure SMB7, PO Speak, PO Arcade, PO K.O., Pacific Drumware 6 peice drum kit, two kitten cats.

Contact: Post-it note on a floaty lantern ATTN: Jon Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. Response time varies. Alternatively: