United States, Seattle, WA

Erick "Progeny" Frias of San Antonio, TX has been on the hip hop scene since 2006 as Pointingfingers, the name he carries on as his production label. Progeny has opened for Living Legends, Mr. Lif, some of the Anticon & Fakefour crew & more. Three of his better known projects are Chisme, Ghost Palace, hERON, BIG KIDS RUN, & Soultru. Each with one MC and all beats composed by Progeny. Except hERON. hERON Is an all production by Progeny and Rob Castro on Bass. It's a Instrumental dark, happy, vivid score. Progeny's sound blends a wide scope of samples from vintage latin, country, du-wop, psychedelic, soul, horror, film noir, camp, and comedy- all twisted with his unique style. He encourages the listener to develop a story on his or her own using inspiration such as fright, lust, betrayal, and enlightenment. Progeny takes us on an experimental journey through his scores and our heads. Especially when paired with one of many favorite local collaborator MCs, Progeny's beats are fun, progressive, and a true progeny of San Antonio sound. A treat for the ears and the mind.



Crew Affiliations: Filthy Fingers United, Chisme, hERON, Big Kids Run, Ghost Palace, Soultru & Progeny and more

Gear: Pro Tools, MpcLive, Mpc1000, Sp-404, Zoom Sample Trak, Turntable & Records