DJ Corndogg

United States, Everett, WA

Between 2003 and 2004 MTV had a show when there were interviewing major producers around the same time Lil Wayne drop The Carter witch was produced by Mannie Fresh. During that time young band geek Cornell Brantley was in 11th grade and was having trouble figuring out what does he want to do for the rest of his life After High School. It was A. Be a game designer and make video games for the rest of his life or B. Become a music producer and live the life of a musician for the rest of his life. One day there was an interview with Mannie Fresh as he talks about the love he has for music, how he was a DJ and now a Producer and how much money he was making. For a 16 year old black kid from Everett looking for a calling that all he needed to hear to begin his journey as a producer. DJ Corndogg was born.

Crew Affiliations: Black Magic Noize, Filthy Fingers United, Alchemy Union

Gear: Reason, Logic, MPC 2000XL