United States, Walla Walla, Seattle, Bellingham, WA

A multi-instrumentalist with background in Audio Engineering, DeepLemon is currently residing in Eastern Washington releasing music under the Lo-Flydelity Records DIY, umbrella. Influences ranging from a wide array of musical and artistic figures, genres, and approaches to creative expression. Inspired by the bands created amongst his friends during their teenage years, and his undying attraction to the raw-side of hip hop and rap; He took to recording his own music shortly after high school eventually attending the Art Institute of Seattle. Since then has gone on to produce music for vocal Artists like Mostafa, Headlinez, Nick Spencer and others as well as forming a R&B/Soul Project with Vocalist Nick Spencer, and Guitarist Jason Aichele. The trio previously released a project called 'A Sundance Film' via Lo-Flydelity Records, as well as officially naming the group Cassette. Most notable releases to date include curating the release of the 'Super Adaptoid Space Tape' via Lo-Flydelity Records, the 'A Collection of Interludes' series, 'Calendar Year' a joint collaboration with emcee Mostafa, and the 'Not.Far.From.A.Tree' cassette release.


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